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Our tailor-made solutions

Based on our expertise and our experience, we offer tailor-made solar heat and waste-heat recovery solutions for three categories of large consumers

Industrial processes

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District heating networks

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Large scale greenhouses

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Key benefits for our clients

All the heating supply solutions we offer our clients are aiming to:

Reduce your energy bill

We always seek to provide thermal energy at the best price, lower than that resulting from fossil fuel combustion. Thus, we enable our clients to reduce their energy bill, from the first MWh consumed.

Stabilize your energy costs

Thanks to a steady heating price over the contract period, our clients are shielded from fluctuations and the inevitable medium-term increase in carbon taxation and of fossil fuel price.

Decrease your CO2 emissions

Our projects directly reduce our clients’ fossil fuel consumption thus reducing greenhouse gases. Moreover, the environmental impact of our thermal energies and waste-heat recovery is the lowest of all in the renewable energy sector.

Preserve your investment capacity

Within our heat supply offers, we bear all the costs associated with the project: from studies to implementation of heat production units up to the sale of delivered and measured heat at the meter.

Our approach

We organise projects carried out in coordination with our clients:


We check your site potential based on the data you provide us. Then, we get back to you with an indicative offer.


We perform further studies to design your project in detail and carry out the necessary administrative authorization documentation.


If you do not wish to invest in the plant, we finance the entire project and offer you a contract for the solar heat or waste-heat supply.


We select the construction companies and manage the construction site, guaranteeing deadlines, costs, and plant performance.

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We monitor the plant remotely 24/7, manage maintenance work, and optimize the plant’s production over its lifetime.

Our projects

Solutions for industry processes

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Solutions for district heating networks

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Solutions for large-scale greenhouses

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