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Malt house Croatia (Boortmalt Group)

  • DECARBOMALT site at Boortmalt Nova Gradiška
  • DECARBOMALT site at Boortmalt Nova Gradiška
  • DECARBOMALT site at Boortmalt Nova Gradiška

Key Figures

  • Project start

    1st of december 2021

  • Solar thermal collectors area

    23 400m² - 6 ha

  • Hot water storage volume

    4 000m3

  • Expected annual production

    19,6 GWh

  • Planned commissioning date

    Q1 2024

  • CO2 emission avoided per year

    3 960 tCO2-e

  • Project coordinator


  • Project summary

    The DECARBOMALT project will build a solar thermal heating plant, heat pumps and a storage facility to provide renewable heat to an energy-intensive  malt production plant in Croatia.

    The flagship industrial project will bring existing technologies together for the first time at such a scale so as to deliver more than 50% of the total process heat needs of the site at a competitive price

    It is co-financed by the European Commission’s Innovation Fund, one of the world’s largest funding programmes (€20 billion over 2020-2030) for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies, under its first call for projects.

  • Heat customer introduction

  • Solar thermal integration

    The solar thermal plant combined with a storage tank and two types of heat pumps will allow the air used for drying the malt to be preheated.

  • Key innovations

    Integration of 2 types of  heat pumps:

    •  water-water
    •  water-air
  • Innovation Fund grant

    4 499 338 EUR

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