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Centrale solaire thermique de Condat

We provide solar heat and waste-heat recovery for large heat consumers

We design, finance, build and operate renewable heat and waste-heat production units adapted to our customers’ needs. We guarantee a reliable, competitive and CO2-free heat supply.

  • For industrial processes

    Our solutions are designed "tailor-made", allowing you to retain all the flexibility and reliability of your industrial tool and your existing heat production means.

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  • For district heating networks

    Our solutions are aimed at communities and network operators. They can be integrated into networks currently in operation, or during extension projects or the creation of new networks.

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    infrographic representing a district heating network with hot and cold flows linked from solar panels to central heating pump then to houses and public buildings
  • For large scale greenhouses

    Our heat production solutions are particularly suited to the needs of vegetable farms in heated greenhouses.

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