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City of Pons (France) heating network

  • Solar thermal plat city of Pons
  • Centrale solaire thermique EMASOL
  • Centrale solaire thermique EMASOL

Key Figures

  • Commissioning date

    July 2021

  • Solar thermal collector area on trackers

    1,800 m²

  • Hot water storage volume

    500 m³

  • Expected annual production

    About 1,000 MWh

  • CO2 emission avoided per year

    250 Tons

  • Heat customer introduction

    • The city of Pons (France) heating network managed by Dalkia company as part of a public service delegation.
    • Network feeding the high school and student home buildings, the pool and the gym.
  • Principle of solar thermal integration

    • Heating of the network return – upstream to the existing boiler
    • Fossil fuel saved: Gas
  • Key innovation

    • Optimization of the operation with the existing biomass boiler in order to achieve a renewable energy coverage higher than 90 %
    • Pooling of the storage tank to improve the operation of the biomass boiler in winter
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