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  • 1 September 2022

Opening of our new international offices

We are proud to announce the opening of our new offices!
Newheat accelerate its international development

To serve our international clients better, Newheat opens new offices in Spain and Australia.

We are excited to share Newheat’s renewable thermal energy expertise by being closer to our Spanish and Australian clients. Through this initiative, we are aiming to provide reliable, competitive, and CO2-free heat supply worldwide.

New offices in Spain

Nicolas Martinez is our Business Development Manager for Spain!

You can meet him at our Branch Office: C/ de Francisco Silvela, 42, 28028 Madrid – Spain

Why Spain ?  The solar irradiation there is one of the highest in Europe, therefore, the advantages of solar thermal power plants are multiplied and make it possible to reach a very competitive efficiency and heat prices, more than any other energy source.

Newheat’s proposition is new in a country that knows solar thermal mainly from residential use and Andalusian concentrated solar thermal plants designed to generate electricity.

Newheat will focus on the Spanish industries, especially in the ones where the price of energy represents an important part of the total cost of production, such as Food and Beverage industry, Building materials, Waste water treatment (domestic or industrial) . District heating networks won’t be let aside ! Solar heat for industrial processes has a great opportunity among companies who could benefit from this reliable, competitive and environmentally friendly technology.

In Spain, Newheat is already collaborating with the Asociación de la Industria de la Solar Térmica (ASIT) to promote the benefits of this energy alternative !

New offices in Australia

François-Xavier Sarda is our Business Development Manager for Australia and New-Zealand !

You can meet him at our Branch Office: 31 Market Street, St Martins Tower, 35th floor, NSW 2000, Sydney


Why Australia and New-Zealand ? We will bring into the market our offer of renewable heat as-a-service to support the industry decarbonation.

We will focus on providing renewable heat for the industry only, indeed there are no district heating in that part of the world!

Various sectors apply as large heat consumers just as in Europe: Food and Beverage, Grain processing, Building materials, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, etc.

Due to the local context we will also address the meat processing, there are larger facilities than in Europe, thus a larger heating demand, the mining sector which represents 10% of the Australian GDP! And milk-powder industry: New-Zealand is by far the largest producer of whole milk powder in the world !

In a continent where the industry is still strongly relying on fossil fuel, there are many opportunities for solar thermal energy due to an excellent sun radiation – with a Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) between 1500 and 3000 kWh/m² in continental Australia, (in France it’s between 1100 and 1800 kWh/m²)

A2EP logo - high res - transparent PNG_eWe have already started to engage in the local ecosystem by joining the Australian Agency for Energy Productivity – A2EP



Australie : Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Franco-Australienne

and French-Australian Chamber of Commerce!


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