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About us

Created in 2015 by two entrepreneurs with complementary skills, newHeat relies on a multidisciplinary team and experienced managers to become one of the major players in the production of renewable thermal energy.

Our mission

Sustainable, local and competitive heat production

Heat is the first primary form of energy consumed in the World; it represents around 47% of the total. Today, 80% of this heat energy depends on fossil fuels.

The use of renewable energies as an alternative to fossil fuels is a priority focus for reducing CO2 emissions. Efficient energy savings combined with solar energy – an inexhaustible, competitive, and local resource – provide a lasting response to the sustainability of human activities.

Source : European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (2017), based on Eurostat statistics and IEA calculations.

Renewable energies in the EU's final energy consumption (2017)

Our values

Our daily guide

  • Innovation

    We build our growth by providing sustainable and innovative heat solutions tailor-made for each of our customers.

  • Daring

    Our aim is to revolutionize the renewable heat market to provide a concrete and decisive response to the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Trust

    We are committed every day to perfecting the design of our power plants and optimising their operation, thereby creating value for our customers in the long term.

  • Responsability

    We believe in the need to undertake significant social and environmental commitments to give meaning to our growth and maintain absolute integrity in all circumstances.

Our job

Independent producer of solar heat and waste heat recovery

We offer two kinds of complete solutions to meet the expectations of each client

  • Solar heat "at the meter"

    Bearing the full costs of studies, implementation, and operation (third-party investment).

  • Turnkey EPC installation

    Combined with a full maintenance and servicing solution over time with guaranteed performance.

Our expertise

Modelling, engineering, and piloting

  • Modelling

    The precise modelling of our systems and their interaction with our clients’ processes and networks allows us to provide a suitable design and optimized operation.

  • Design engineering

    Our projects require extensive mastery of various technical skills: solar, hydraulic, thermal and automation engineering. These skills allow us to select the most suitable technologies for the operation of our clients' heat processes and networks, and for optimizing their design and set-up.

  • Control & command system

    We define and implement a dedicated and optimized management solution for each project, making our plants' equipment efficient and reliable, in coordination with our clients' equipment.

Our Research & Development programs

Our technical team is involved in Research & Development programs winning national and European competitions

Our team

Multidisciplinary team and experienced managers

  • Hugues Defréville
    CEO & Co-founder

    Hugues started his career in 2007 within the Direct Energie group, before participating in 2008 in creating Neoen for which he became head of the solar and wind power departments. After contributing to the development of the first independent renewable power producer in France (500 MW achieved), he decided to create newHeat with Pierre. He graduated from the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

  • Pierre Delmas
    CTO and co-founder

    Pierre started his career in 2011 within Rackam, the concentrated solar thermal technology supplier. He then became a developer of Spanish thermal solar projects partner. In 2014, he joined the Exosun company to develop products for the solar thermal market before creating newHeat with Hugues. Since 2013, Pierre contributes to the work of international expert groups of the AIE and AFNOR. He graduated from the University of Technology of Compiègne.

  • Stéphane Huet

    Stéphane started his career in 1989 within the Dalkia group where he quickly took over the management of several agencies, in Poitiers, La Rochelle then Toulouse. In 2003, he joined the engineering firm SNC-Lavalin, which became EDEIS in 2011, where he became COO for France and then Regional Director for the Greater South West of France. Stéphane joined NEWHEAT in the summer of 2021 as COO, and thus supervises the engineering, production and operations teams. Stéphane graduated from INSA Strasbourg.

  • Thibault Perrigault
    Head of development France

    Thibault started his career within the Veolia Environmental Services and Paris Airport group before joining the Engie group in 2013, where he developed thermal energy production projects and energy efficiency programs, in Brazil and then in France. Thibault joined newHeat in 2018 as the head of development in France. Thibault graduated from the Ecole Centrale Nantes and the polytechnic University of Catalonia. He holds a master’s degree from minesParis Tech.

  • Nicolas Graveline
    Head of international development

    At the beginning of his career Nicolas worked on water treatment in France, Germany, Australia and Indonesia and has since 2011 switched his focus to energy efficiency and renewable energy production and on the means to get this type of projects financially viable (subsidies, carbon pricing mechanism, white certificates, debt, ESCO model…). Nicolas holds a Master’s of Engineering in Environment and Energy from the EPF engineering school.

Join us

We wish to give all our employees a fulfilling work environment and development prospects. We believe that each one of us can contribute to create a better world.

Our shareholders

We made the choice
to surround ourselves

The founders, Hugues and Pierre, chose long-term investors and industrial players who bring their experience, skills, and expertise to the company’s development

  • Investment holding of 50 people, first founders’ supporters, represented by Paul-François CROISILLE, President.
  • Investment Fund with 15 holdings in companies, the majority of which are involved in the ecological transition, represented by Christophe GUILLAUME, Manager.
  • French family group major player in services to industry (oil, petrochemistry, energy production, etc.), represented by Jérôme PASCAL, Deputy CEO.
  • French family group from the Basque Country from the construction field and diversified in the water, environment, and energy sectors, represented by Jean-Christophe NIERGA, Chief Executive of Etchart Resaux Occitanie.
Our partners

They support our development

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