Solutions for large scale greenhouses

Solar heat for greenhouses

Our heat supply solutions are relevant for any large scale greenhouse requiring heating

For large scale greenhouses wishing to produce under the organic label:

When sales are only authorized during the sunny period under the organic label, our solutions can cover all the heat needs of this sale period.

When the organic label imposes a 100% renewable heat coverage during the entire year,  our solutions can also enable your organization to meet this target

For greenhouses with fossil fuel means of production,

Our solutions are adaptable and complementary with the means of production already in place.

Challenges of growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses

Our solar thermal solutions have maximum efficiency for temperature levels required by most vegetable greenhouse heating systems (40 to 60°C)

Thanks to solar tracker systems, we control the thermal power of our plants to maximize the heat input on-demand or to stop it according to the variations of greenhouse production needs.

Finally, we can pool the heat storage systems needed to manage our solutions and make it available to other means of heat production. Instead, the storage tanks already in place can be used by the solar thermal plant and thus reduce the overall cost of the project.

Implementation of our solutions in large scale greenhouses

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