Solutions for industrial processes

Solar heat and waste-heat recovery for industrial processes

Your industrial site has its own characteristics. Therefore, we perform a detailed analysis to understand how your current heat-consuming processes and production systems operate.

Once this analysis is completed, we offer you a complete and tailor-made solution, allowing you to maintain all the flexibility and reliability of your industrial set-up. This may include:

One or several heat recovery systems - if opportunities to use waste-heat are identified

One or more solar thermal fields

A storage to optimize the use of the produced heat, which will be supplied to one or several integration points of your site


There are many ways to integrate solar heat and waste-heat recovery to supply our customers’ processes:

Existing (or to be created) hot water loop

Temperature maintenance: process requiring a temperature < 100°C

Air flow preheating: drying, etc.


Considering the competitiveness of existing technologies, we are currently targeting heat supply to meet temperature needs below 100°C in priority.

NewHeat commitments

Once a solution has been identified, we commit ourselves in relation to:

The costs

The deadlines

The performance

Implementation of our solutions in industrial processes